Comparg A-Series
Screw compressors
Screw Compressors Comparg A-Series are designed for smooth and economical production of compressed air.
Air flow rate 1,0 — 13,8 m3/min.
Pressure range 8,0 - 13,0 bar.
Comprag's products are sold in
more than 50 countries worldwide
via a professional distribution network.

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01. Compressed air producing
Screw Compressors A-Series
02. Compressed air preparation
Refrigerated dryers RDX
Adsorption dryers ADX
Air Filters for compressed air lines AF
Cyclone Separators for compressed air lines AS
Portable moisture extraction systems MEX
Portable compressed air aftercoolers ACP/ACE
Portable high volume coalescent filters CK
03. Compressed air storage
Air Receivers RV
04. Moisture management
Timed Solenoid Drain Valve TD
Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD
Process Water/Oil Separator WOS
05. Special products
Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub
About company

Refrigerated air dryers RDX-series
with capacity 20.0-36.0 m3/min

About company

Comprag GmbH has enjoyed more than twenty years of experience in producing air compressors, compressed air preparation equipment, pressure vessels, pneumatic demolitions tools, abrasive blasting and spray painting equipment.

Comprag Group manufactures a full line of abrasive blasting equipment under the brand name CONTRACOR.

Comprag produces a broad range of equipment for the production of compressed air.

Compressed air production equipment includes screw, piston, portable and diesel air compressors.

The screw air compressor is designed for the uninterrupted supply of compressed air for industrial pneumatic equipment. Comprag produces screw oil-filled compressors with different outputs - from 1,1 m3/min to 22,6 m3/min. Compressors feature models with and without an air tank. The Comparg A-Series series comprises compressors with electric motor belt drives; the Comparg D-Series series comprises the direct drive of an electric motor connected to the screw air end via a coupling.

Comparg A-Series and Comparg D-Series screw compressors are controlled by dedicated controllers, which allow compressors to be run in optimum and economy mode. There are two versions of the Comparg D-Series series compressors - with and without a frequency inverter. The frequency inverter of Comparg D-Series series compressors alters the frequency of electric motor revolutions proportionally to the consumption of compressed air, lowering the frequency of resolutions during periods of low loading, and thus attaining energy efficiency.

RECOM piston compressors from Comprag are low in price, straightforward and easy to operate for servicing and repair work. The output of RECOM piston compressors varies in a range from 0,52 to 1,9 m3/min. The compressors are fitted with a horizontal or vertical air tank.

Piston compressors are designed for use at car service centres, workshops and small plants.

The screw compressor has a low maintenance cost in comparison with piston compressors, is lower in price and has the same output level.

PORTA series diesel compressors are portable screw compressors driven by Deutz diesel engines. The compressor output is 3 to 12 m3/min. Diesel portable compressors are designed for performing construction, road and other works where the use of compressed air is needed and there is no infrastructure for stationary compressors. The diesel compressor is provided with a self-propelled vehicle certificate.

Comprag supplies Comprag ScrewLub lubricant for screw compressors and RecLub lubricant for piston compressors.

All Comprag equipment has the relevant certificates and declarations of conformity.

Compressors may be purchased from any Comprag dealer.

Comprag has a well-developed dealer chain with authorized service centres in various regions and offers original spare parts and consumables for maintenance and repair.

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