Comparg A-Series
Screw compressors
Screw Compressors Comparg A-Series are designed for smooth and economical production of compressed air.
Air flow rate 1,0 — 13,8 m3/min.
Pressure range 8,0 - 13,0 bar.

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Catalog Stationary screw compressors
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Catalog Compressed air preparation,
Compressed air storage, Moisture management
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User manuals

Compressed air producing
A-Series Screw air compressor A, AR, ARD 07–22 Version 1.7 (format PDF, size - 13,6 MB)
A-Series Screw air compressor A30, A37, A45, A55 Version 4.4 (format PDF, size - 12,6 MB)
A-Series Screw air compressor A-75 – A-90 Version 1.4 (format PDF, size - 13,7 MB)

Compressed air preparation
RDX series compressed air refrigerating dryer Version 1.7 (format PDF, size - 5,63 MB)
ADX Heatless adsorption compressed air dryers Version 1.0 (format PDF, size - 3,89 MB)
Filtars for compressed air lines AF-Series Version 3.0 (format PDF, size - 2,18 MB)
Cyclone Separators AS-Series Version 3.0 (format PDF, size - 1,53 MB)

Moisture management
Condensate trap TD/TD-COMBI Version 2.0 (format PDF, size - 0,78 MB)
Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD-Series Version 2.0 (format PDF, size - 1,61 MB)

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