Adsorption dryers ADX-F-PDP

Adsorption dryers ADX-F-PDP dew-point controlled with installed pre-and after-filters capacity up to 9 m3/min

Adsorption dryers ADX-F-PDP dew-point controlled with installed pre-and after-filters

The ADX-F-PDP series, equipped with the most advanced control systems and comprising a modern LCD display controller, a measuring chamber for constant flow and a precise dew-point sensor, provides the highest quality compressed-air drying at the lowest possible cost.


  • LCD display controller
  • Precise dew-point sensor
  • Measuring chamber
  • Installed pre- and after-filters
The air demand and the load situation for an adsorption dryer fluctuate constantly on a daily basis.

The Comprag dew-point-dependent control system significantly reduces energy costs while ensuring a constant and reliable dew point. Using the specially developed controller in combination with the accurate and reliable dew-point sensor, the DPD control system keeps the regeneration time constant, while the adsorption time is adjusted strictly proportionally to the load situation. As a result, only the actually required quantity of purge air is used. An investment in the PDP control system has a very short return on investment - as early as within six months.


Model ADX-50-F-PDP ADX-70-F-PDP ADX-90-F-PDP
Air flow* (m3/min) 5 7 9
Max. working pressure (bar) 10 10 10
Screw connection 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
Rated voltage (Phase/V/Hz) 1/230/50 1/230/50 1/230/50

* Measured according to ISO 7183


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