Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD-Serie

Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD


Model FD
Screw connection 1/2"
Air flow* (m3/min) 3,4
Max. working pressure (bar) 13
Length L (mm) 130
Width W (mm) 135
Height H (mm) 110
Weight (kg) 0,6

* Measured according to ISO 7183

Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD work without loss of compressed air. A FD floating trap is the most effective of all solutions to the conclusion of the condensate system. It works without any loss of compressed air, is easy to install and requires no power connection. Equipped with a valve for flushing the system and functional testing and control.

For use in compressed air lines with a capacity up to 60 m3/min


Drain is installed bellow pressure vessel, filter element, dryer, cyclone separator or similar pressure system element. Through G 1/2" upper inlet port (1) on the top condensate accumulates in the drain reservoir (4).
Increasing water level rise the floating buoyancy. When the condensate level is high enough the floater unblocks the discharge orifice and the condensate is purged out through G 1/2" output connection (2). When condensate level drops floater drops with it and blocks the discharge orifice. This operation prevents air loss.

  • Works with oil contaminated condensate
  • Works without loss of compressed air
  • Does not require a power connection
  • Easy installation, requires no configuration or testing
  • Reliable and durable design


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