Activated carbon adsorber ACT

Activated carbon adsorber ACT
volume flow up to 6,0 m3/min


Air flow* 0.5 - 6 m3/min
Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
Maximum operating temperature 65 °C
Minimum operating temperature 2 °C

* Measured according to ISO 7183

Our activated carbon adsorbers ACT series clean pre-dried compressed air reliably and efficiently down to a residual oil content of ≤ 0.003 mg/m3 at an inlet temperature of 35 °C and an inlet pressure of 7 bar.
Activated carbon adsorbers from our ACT series are compact, ready-to-connect units with a pre-installed post-filter and are designed for flow rates from 0.5 m3/min to 250 m3/h.
The already pre-dried compressed air flows through the container filled with high-quality activated carbon pellets from bottom to top. The oil aerosols and oil vapors present in the compressed air, as well as smells and flavors, are bound to the active surfaces of the highly porous activated carbon pellets. This produces a high-purity compressed air quality with total oil content of class 0 to 1* according to ISO8573-1:2010.
*Depending on the residual oil content in the liquid phase


Aluminum profile housing, Wall Mount Bracket.
Oil check indicator ROCI.
Post filter DFF-P series.
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