Air Receivers RV

Air Receivers RV, Air receiver capacity 500 liter

Air Receivers RV

Air receivers are used for the storage of compressed air. For best results, air collectors should be installed after cyclone separators and other air preparation equipment. Condensate traps must be used to prevent the accumulation of condensation which can cause corrosion of the housing.

Standard configuration:

  • Manometer
  • SV safety valve
Choosing the correct size of air receiver
Size is determined by the capacity of the compressor and the compressed air consumption profile. Comprag recommends dimensioning your air receiver according to the following table:
Compressor power [kW] Air receiver capacity [l]
7,5-11 270
15-22 500
Over als 30 900 or larger


Model RV-500
Air receiver capacity (liter) 500
Max. working pressure (bar) 10
Safety valve SV ¾" (12 m3/min)


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