Comparg D-Series
Rotary screw compressors
Comparg D-Series rotary screw compressors are designed for uninterruptible and efficient production of compressed air.
Capacity 11,3 — 22,6 m3/min
Operating pressure 8,0 — 10,0 bar
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01. Compressed air producing
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Screw Compressors D-Series
Capacity to 22,6 m3/min
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Screw Compressors Comparg D-Series with capacity to 22,6 m3/min

This product is not available for sale in all countries.

Screw Compressors Comparg D-Series with capacity to 22,6 m3/min

Comparg D-Series rotary screw oil-filled compressors feature high performance, reliability and efficiency. The screw unit has a direct one-to-one connection to the motor through a coupling and transfers the torque without loss, increasing the energy efficiency of the compressor in comparison with a belt or gear drive.

Functional characteristics

  • Direct one-to-one drive. The large size of the screw unit and the low rotational speed of rotors extend the service life and reduce vibration and background noise.
  • Efficient and quiet centrifugal radiator cooling fan. Centrifugal fans sustain constant pressure throughout the whole air-flow diameter. Thermal conductivity with the use of centrifugal fans is greater than that from the use of axial fans.
  • The components of the compressor are connected using a metallic pipe arrangement or flexible metal hoses. This assembly method is more reliable and durable than the use of rubber hoses.
  • The immediate pressure control function provides a fail-safe in the control system during start-up of the compressor.
  • Easy access to the main compressor modules for servicing.
Comparg D-Series compressors with frequency converters (DV)

Comparg D-Series compressors are fitted with a large screw unit with direct one-to-one drive in order to avoid loss through belt- or gear drives. Even more energy efficiency is achieved by using frequency converters in the Comparg D-Series compressors to control the output of the compressor in relation to the consumption of compressed air.

Belt driven compressors Comparg D-Series compressors
with 1:1 power transmission
Comparg D-Series compressors
with 1:1 power transmission
and variable frequency drive
Energy saving
Energy saving
Compressor purchase
Service and maintenance
Electrical energy
Airline pressure (bar)
Comprag DV-series with
variable frequency drive

The amount of compressed air produced by the compressor is adjusted in relation to air consumption by adjusting the rotary speed of the motor and screw unit.

The system's pressure is controlled with an accuracy of 0.1 bar in relation to the volume of air in the compressed air line.

Operating cycles
Catalog Comparg D-Series 75 - 132 kW (2335 kB, Pdf document) - Download
User Manual Comparg D-Series 75 - 132 kW (6086 kB, Pdf document) - Download

Technical data

Article Model Drive power (kW) Max. working pressure (bar) Capacity* (m3/min) Rated voltage (Phase/V/Hz) Sound pressure level** dB(A) Screw connection
11300101 D-75-08 75 8 12,8 3/380/50 75 DN50
11300102 D-75-10 10 11,3
11300105 DV-75-08 8 12,8
11300106 DV-75-10 10 11,3
11300111 D-90-08 90 8 15,4 3/380/50 75 DN50
11300112 D-90-10 10 13,4
11300115 DV-90-08 8 15,4
11300116 DV-90-10 10 13,4
11300121 D-110-08 110 8 18,6 3/380/50 75 DN65
11300122 D-110-10 10 16,4
11300125 DV-110-08 8 18,6
11300126 DV-110-10 10 16,4
11300131 D-132-08 132 8 22,6 3/380/50 75 DN65
11300132 D-132-10 10 19,4
11300135 DV-132-08 8 22,6
11300136 DV-132-10 10 19,4

* Measured according to ISO 1217
** Measured according to ISO 3744

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