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Process Water/Oil Separator
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Air Filters for compressed air lines AF
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Process Water/Oil Separator WOS
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Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub
Process Water/Oil Separator WOS
Process Water/Oil Separator WOS

WOS Series Process Condensate Separators are used to separate oils and other impurities from the water in the condensate lines. WOS separators efficiently separate oil through a multi-stage separation process.


  • No power supply needed - works without electricity
  • Reliable construction with no moving parts
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain

WOS Series Separators are available for compressed air lines with capacity up to 30 m3/min

Why a process oil/condensate separator?

Air contains water vapor and atmospheric impurities, which, in the compression process, pass through the screw compressor unit. Air is mixed with the compressor oil needed for lubrication and cooling of the unit. After the compression process air is cooled in a compressor aftercooler, refrigeration dryer, etc. In the process of cooling the water vapor condenses, along with most of the impurities in the compressed air, including oil. Environmental regulations govern the degree of contamination of condensate discharge to sewer. WOS Process Condensate Separators are designed to separate oil and further impurities from the condensate. These contaminants can then be recycled. By using an advanced multi-stage separation process, WOS Separators are able to effectively separate the from the air-line condensate.

Catalog Process Water/Oil Separator WOS (8153 kB, Pdf document) - Download
User Manual Process Water/Oil Separator WOS (731 kB, Pdf document) - Download

Table of models

Article Model Air flow (m3/min) Service Pack No. Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Height (H)Width (W)Depth (D)
13400001 WOS-1 10 132101 750 650 240 16,6
13400002 WOS-2 20 132102 900 780 305 30,0
13400003 WOS-3 30 132103 900 970 380 43,0

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