Comprag Group
high-quality universal oil for piston and screw compressors, as well as pneumatic tools.
Comprag's products are sold in
more than 50 countries worldwide
via a professional distribution network.

Products application information.
01. Compressed air producing
Screw Compressors A-Series
02. Compressed air preparation
Refrigerated dryers RDX
Adsorption dryers ADX
Air Filters for compressed air lines AF
Cyclone Separators for compressed air lines AS
Portable moisture extraction systems MEX
Portable compressed air aftercoolers ACP/ACE
Portable high volume coalescent filters CK
03. Compressed air storage
Air Receivers RV
04. Moisture management
Timed Solenoid Drain Valve TD
Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD
Process Water/Oil Separator WOS
05. Special products
Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub
Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub
Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub

Comprag oil protects compressors and pneumatic tools from wear and tear and prevents condensate separating and oil foaming.

Comprag ScrewLub universal mineral oil for stationary and portable screw compressors.

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Superb lubrication at low temperatures
  • Reliable protection from wear and tear
  • Excellent corrosion protection of body
  • Little foaming

Complies with standards DIN 51506 VDL, ISO 6743/3A. ISO viscosity class VG 46.

Article Name Volume (liter)
17120101 COMPRAG ScrewLub 1
17120103 COMPRAG ScrewLub 3
17120105 COMPRAG ScrewLub 5
17120110 COMPRAG ScrewLub 10

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