manufactures equipment
for the following industries: workshops and service centers, industrial manufacturing, construction industry, industrial demolition, road construction and civil engineering, corrosion protection, surface preparation and industrial spray painting.

Comprag's products are sold in
more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Comprag GmbH

has enjoyed more than twenty years of experience in producing air compressors, compressed air preparation equipment, pressure vessels, pneumatic demolitions tools, abrasive blasting and spray painting equipment.


Workshops and service centers
Piston compressors
Tank mounted screw compressors
Refrigerated dryers
Filters, Separators, Drain valves

Industrial manufacturing
Belt drive screw compressors
Direct drive screw compressors
Refrigerated and Adsorption dryers
Storage air receivers
Filters, Separators, Drain valves

Construction industry
Portable diesel compressors
Portable air preparation equipment
Hoses, couplings, accessories
Pneumatic demolition tools

Industrial demolition and road construction
Pneumatic Chipping Hammers
Pneumatic Clay Diggers / Pick Hammers
Pneumatic Concrete Breakers
Pneumatic Submersible Pumps
Hoses, couplings, accessories

Corrosion protection, surface preparation
Portable abrasive blasting machines
Manual abrasive blasting cabinets
Safety equipment for abrasive blasting
Nozzles, hoses, couplings, accessories

Industrial spray painting
Spray painting pumps
Safety equipment for spray painting
Spray guns, reversible spray tips
Spray hoses, swivels, accessories

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