RV type
Compressed air receivers
Storage tanks RV type with volume 270,
500 and 900 liters.
Safety valves matched to the compressor capacity.
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Products application information.
01. Compressed air producing
Screw Compressors A-Series
02. Compressed air preparation
Refrigerated dryers RDX
Adsorption dryers ADX
Air Filters for compressed air lines AF
Cyclone Separators for compressed air lines AS
Portable moisture extraction systems MEX
Portable compressed air aftercoolers ACP/ACE
Portable high volume coalescent filters CK
03. Compressed air storage
Air Receivers RV
04. Moisture management
Timed Solenoid Drain Valve TD
Mechanical Float Drain Valve FD
Process Water/Oil Separator WOS
05. Special products
Lubricant for Screw Compressors ScrewLub
Air Receivers RV
Air Receivers RV

Standard configuration:

  • Manometer
  • SV safety valve


Choosing the correct size of air receiver

Size is determined by the capacity of the compressor and the compressed air consumption profile. Comprag recommends dimensioning your air receiver according to the following table:

Compressor power [kW] Air receiver capacity [l]
7,5-11 270
15-22 500
Over 30 900 or larger

Air receivers are used for the storage of compressed air. For best results, air collectors should be installed after cyclone separators and other air preparation equipment. Condensate traps must be used to prevent the accumulation of condensation which can cause corrosion of the housing.


  • Reduced occurrence of regime change reduces wear of the compressor screw block, electric motor and drive system.
  • Significant energy savings. The greatest amount of energy is consumed by frequent regime changes of the compressor.
  • The large volume of compressed air stored in Air Receivers RV acts as a buffer against pressure fluctuations induced by increasing the number of consumers.
  • Separation of condensate. A large surface area of the air receiver helps cool the compressed air and condenses the vapor in the air.

Suitable for use in compressed air lines with capacity up to 30 m3/min

For safe operation of air receivers it is necessary to use an appropriate safety valve which is adapted to the compressor used and the pressure of the air line. Comprag delivers SV safety valves for the entire compressor programme.

Catalog Air Receivers RV (8153 kB, Pdf document) - Download
User Manual Air Receivers RV (244 kB, Pdf document) - Download

Table of models

Article Model Air receiver capacity (liter) Max. working pressure (bar) Safety valve
13100101 RV-270 270 10 SV ½” (3.6 m3/min)
13100102 RV-500 500 10 SV ¾“ (12 m3/min)
13100103 RV-900 900 10 SV ¾“ (12 m3/min)

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